Signs you need a digital transformation--because it isn’t late yet.
3 August, 2021 by
Signs you need a digital transformation--because it isn’t late yet.

Ignoring the red flags has never ended well. Not just in other aspects, these happen in businesses too. Your business might be hinting at them right now.

While the customized solution may be a bit more different which we can get to later, the solution, of course, lies in change--in digital transformation to keep up with the pace of the world. So, how can you identify these red flags?  How do you tell if your business needs to undergo digital transformation and adopt new technologies? 

These are the signs. And some strategies you can act upon to get back on track. Because it isn’t late.

Covid-19 changed our lives overnight. When everything abruptly shut down and restrictions and health threats were imposed--we knew we will have to learn to live in the “new normal.” Today, businesses agree that technology has become another aspect that determines their success. With social distancing measures and lack of interaction to adhere to, the capabilities businesses need to have to survive have gone beyond--to having sufficient technological that helps them effectively manage their operations. 

Your online business presence is facing a hit 

88% of the searchers visit search results from the first page. Why are we telling you this? Google yourself. If you can’t spot your business in the first few results, there is room to do more and enhance your online presence--no matter what kind of a business you are. As the world drives towards digitalization faster than ever, having a strong digital community becomes crucial by day in order to retain and acquire customers and keep your business in talks. 

Can you reboot? 

Of course, there is. With the right professionals to assist you, you can opt for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which drives organic traffic to your web pages and pushes you up on the search engine! Not just that, by creating effective campaigns for multiple digital channels with impactful content, you can stir conversations about your brand--after all, when has word-of-mouth not been powerful?

Your business is losing employees and productivity 

Successful businesses don’t just come from finance or management--they also come from innovation and a sea of creative spirits! While you think you might be providing everything your employee might need in a job--think again. If they are looking to change their jobs frequently, it’s of course costing you time, money, and talent--but what is the reason? For the ones that stay, they are turning in less or low-quality work.

Digital transformation just doesn’t promote operational efficiency, it promotes a new culture. Accepting new options and flexibility in itself satisfies employees and makes them feel valued. Imagine a company not giving its employees flexibility to work from home? Not because of anything else--but because of lack of technological capability to efficiently manage everything. Not just that, resistance towards embracing new trends inhibits their potential of growth and learning new skills---and the result is clear, they switch. 

Is there a reboot solution/ Can you reboot? 

Through your kickstart in digital transformation, you can deploy new solutions and methods to deal with manual work. This is safer and leaves space for more “human” work and gives new opportunities to your employees while making them feel valued. Who would want to leave a company that constantly embraces change and gives them new flexible opportunities? 


Customer satisfaction is at an all-time low. 

Let’s face it: our ultimate goal is to satisfy and meet the needs of our clients. And if you are struggling to adhere to successfully tap into their pain points, you might want to reconsider taking this step. In the digital era today, all businesses are constantly enhancing their product and service experiences with technology and constant engagement. Everyone is looking for the best digital product experience. Better more, the field of play isn't always theirs, it does you more benefit. If you are able to transform their experiences, these social mediums will have your presence all around! 

Is there a reboot solution/ Can you reboot? 

Brand loyalty is crucial. Would you want your customers to just do a single purchase? For effective brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, you can enhance your product experience by establishing your presence on multiple channels--and constantly communicating with your customers with positive, informative content. 

Operational costs are hitting the racks. 

As you are also struggling to effectively meet customer pain points and retain, another red flag lies in the operational costs. After all, the goal for most businesses is to make a profit and reduce their costs. Deploying technological solutions for your operations can make your operations smoother and more efficient. As human errors are inevitable, these can enhance precision across functions, increase communication and also motivate employees altogether, to boost the business performance and inherit new roles. 

Is there a reboot solution/Can you reboot?

By starting your journey in digital transformation, you can of course get on track. While we understand it is a huge investment to commit to, the benefits it brings in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, and automating functions to enhance the experience remain incomparable. 

Still sceptical? 

We understand that concern. Every business is different. This is exactly why you need a team of experienced professionals to guide you on this journey. We, at ODES, provide solutions customized just for your business and the problems you are facing. We work exclusively for you, so your experience with us is valuable and you get the best results out of it! 

 ODES, Complete Digital Transformation   for your Business!

 Contact us today and kickstart your journey that has the benefits   of a lifetime!

Signs you need a digital transformation--because it isn’t late yet.
ODES 3 August, 2021
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