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ODES Multichannel connects you with the world and makes selling so much easier. Expand your presence globally and increase sales – all in one place.

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Streamline Your 

E-Commerce & Marketplace Operations

Combine and control your e-commerce and marketplace operations into one integrated solution and broaden your reach across various marketplaces around the world.

E-Commerce & Marketplace Automation

Real-Time Synchronization of
Products, Orders, Inventories & Invoices













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ODES Perks

Product Analysis

Examine and evaluate your product’s potential, adapting them to your customer’s needs and quality demands. Understand the reception of your product on various platforms. With these, you can effectively construct an effective product roadmap to improve your performance further.

Customer Loyalty

Enable cross-platform customer loyalty programme to increase engagement with your business. Easily manage all your loyal customers with a single platform.  Run multiple marketing campaigns to engage your loyal customers. 

Business Forecasting

Develop better business strategies with the raw analysis of data and generation of predictions on your ventures, such as sales and profits. This can better optimize demand planning, productions, and improve overall marketing strategies.

CRM and Leads Management

Uncover your business potential with an automated system that identifies and analyses potential business clientele, converting them to new business opportunities. Generate leads that automatically synchronizes into your CRM, efficiently optimizing your system.

Create new revenue streams and increase visibility for your business

Understand your clientele’s preferences

Recognize and realize your market potential

Inventory and Orders Management

Avoid multitasking across different platforms and go paperless. Let automation do it for you – enable real-time synchronization of your inventory and orders from multiple marketplaces in one centralized location. Track all connected channels on one unified dashboard.

Dynamically adjust inventories from one store to another on one platform

Receive multiple orders from multiple stores in one place

Leverage on automation to reduce manpower and distribute more resources to other areas for growth

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