The Future is now with a Digital Business Model Transformation.

Digitally Transform to Expand beyond accustomed confines with your potential reaching the skies. 

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Where Business meets transformation
– A Digital Transformation

Unfold the depths of growth your business can attain with digital technologies and efficiency. 

Create the perfect recipe to a perfect 

Business Transformation

With a combination of AI, ERP, Data Analysis,  And Customization. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our AI features allow us and our software to effectively reach predictions and the ‘How’ of these predictions. It further strengthens machine and equipment maintenance based on predictions and usage patterns. 

Computer Vision

Provide your computer the means to interpret and read graphical representations and analyze content through computer vision. 

Natural Language Processing

Do not let your system get confused over context of your input. Through NLP, it will understand the context of language or text and take the best action forward. 

Time Series Analysis

Be prepared for what is about to come, most likely. Always be prepped and ready for happenings and events with analyzed predictions. 

Machine Learning (ML)

Let your software learn and optimize itself through time by gaining knowledge about your line of business and usage of the same. Data Analysis, representation, and interpretation cannot be easier. Extract and easily use meaning insights from raw data and take your business forward. 


Manage Automation and Robotics and increase efficiency by shifting repetitive and menial tasks to robots. Reach your true potential and Productivity, lower production costs, and allow workers to collaborate with robots on monotonous and intricate tasks for optimization. 

Data Management

Our AI features allow us and our software to effectively reach predictions and the ‘How’ of these predictions. It further strengthens machine and equipment maintenance based on predictions and usage patterns. 


ODES analyses your existing set of data and entries, and helps you plan your resources not just daily, but also at the start of and during every project enabling the company to never fall short of viable resources. 

Modelling of Data

Once the data entered is read, it is presented in a manner for efficient analysis. The data can also be presented in a customized manner as per the requirements of your business. Unneeded data is cleaned, and the rest is aligned with the desired formatting. 

Data Migration

Easy Data migration as per your old source with a customized base for a quicker process. We will migrate all your data so that one doesn’t miss out on anything. 

ERP Development

Manage your entire business operation with our All-in-One Business Suit. Choose the solutions tailored to your company and have a working dashboard as per your requirements. With a positive workflow and no lag in communication, plan your company resources, keep track of orders and happenings, as well as have a customized ERP software for all your departments. 

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Customized Solutions

Do not depend on pre-built software and interfaces to conduct business Operations. Use a completely customized portal, application, and website as per the requirements of your operation, and seamlessly run a business. Set up dashboards and user portals as per the needs of all your workers and management and manage data coherently.

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Mobile App Development

Develop Applications concerning your business for mobile devices to help users and consumers connect to you anywhere anytime. Build Mobile Apps that allow workers and management in a company to receive updates on their mobile devices allowing them to manage operations on the go. 

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Internet of Things (Built in Systems)  

Connect anything and everything in your office with a network. Use essential resources efficiently and be a part of this Industrial Evolution. Save Energy, Money, Water, Light, & Gas with a laid out IoT Network. Promote and work towards Sustainability through advanced analytics.

On The Go

Connect mobile devices and wearable devices to your software and enable users to update data on the go. 


Bring together the usage of input and output interfaces, sensors, and easy data entries to create an automated system for your workplace. 

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)  

Evolve your business with a mix of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Enhance and optimize your customer and worker experiences, analyze data seamlessly, and have better human-machine interactions in your company. With McCoy’s AIoT Solutions, transform a business from any field – Automation, Healthcare, Facility Management, Agriculture, Manufacturing, as well as other Industries. With the onset of Smart Offices, Smart Facilities, Smart Toilets, and more, run your network of networks at the touch of a button.

Marketing, Branding, Design  


Market Your Products

Alongside McCoy’s Marketing Expertise, frame an exceptional go-to-market plan and build a unique brand positioning for your company. Use the marketing techniques of today, and market your products and services to a wider consumer base. 


With McCoy’s assistance, businesses can build an exclusive go-to-market and branding strategies, with setting sales, leads management, and Brand Recognition as key measurements. Build a powerful brand name and let the name tell your story. 

A Design Says It All

Have marketing and branding designs created, tailored to the needs of your company, for all your marketing requirements. Ranging from Social Media contents to website contents to products helping your company gain brand power, use designs specially created for your products and services. 

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