Our Key ERP Solutions

All-in-one business management suite.



Automate your entire business within a single platform. Full end-to-end business automation and technology tailored for all your business needs.

Wholesalers & Distribution

From managing the raw materials to delivering the end products to the customers in the market, the entire process can be streamlined within a single platform.

Finance + HR & Payroll

All real-time business accounting features such as general ledger, account receivable, account payable, accounting management, budgetary accounting, and all essential functionalities for rigorous Singapore bookkeeping needs.

Digital Transformation

Digital marketing is not just a website or a mobile application. In today's competitive and challenging world, we need to think differently about the business with innovative and creative ideas. ODES embarks on a successful digital transformation strategy.

Customised Solutions! 

Your business may have unique requirements which can be solved by customised workflows. We can develop a fully integrated custom solution according to your business needs.

Solutions For Industries

Building & Construction

Automate operational processes from project budgeting & costing along with purchasing & finance.

Manufacturing Industry

Fully integrated MRP, project management & project lifecycle management with real-time data analytic and reports. 

Retail & eCommerce

Smart retail & eCommerce solution which automate the whole process from sales to delivery.

Service Industry

Whether you are dealing long term complex projects or short term contracts, our solution ensure that every project is smoothly executed.

Oil & Gas Industry

Simplify & standardize all the processes to enable innovation in oil and gas industry. Intelligent enterprise solution. 

Food & Beverage 

Overall efficiency by identifying the cost and shelf life of each product. Powerful inventory management.  

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